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Bolonka Zwetna

Bolonka Zwetna adalah trah yang tidak dikenal oleh FCI, aslinya dari Rusia. Trah ini dikenal oleh RKF dan VDH dan ditetapkan pada grup 9 FCI

About Bolonka Zwetna

The ancestor is the Bichon Frisè, which was crossed with several toy-breeds.
The name Bolonka Zwetna means colorful lap dog, which is also derived the Bolonka Zwetna is allowed in all colors except pure white.
The breed is also not subject to a typical coat change, which makes it particularly popular for allergy sufferers. Even though he does not have a lot of hair, allergy sufferers must also be tested if they react to the hair.
The beautiful fur has to be regularly maintained.

The Bolonka Zwetna is a robust little, lively Begleithund, with its playful nature suitable as beginner dog and good companion of children.
He has a height of 24-26cm and is a rather...

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