Cão da Serra de Aires

This hardy breed is always eager to please and is very obedient and loyal when trained well. It excels in agility and is known for its stamina.


The Cão da Serra de Aires breed was established around a hundred years ago as a guard dog in the southern plains of Portugal. It is believed to be descended from the Briards that were introduced to the country by Count de Castro Guimaraes and then breed with Portuguese mountain dogs. Up until the 1970s the main function of the Cão da Serra de Aires was as a companion to Portuguese shepherds. However, by 1975 it was almost extinct and was preserved by dedicated breeders who valued the Cão da Serra de Aires for its impressive coat and stamina. These days the Cão da Serra de Aires is highly valued as both a show dog and a working dog, while it also has a prominent place in many...

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