Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier breed is one of the more recently developed dog breeds, closely related to the Norfolk Terrier. Until 1964, the pricked ear of the Norwich Terrier and the dropped ear of the Norfolk variety were not considered distinctive enough to separate the two breeds, but from then on, a formal distinction was made thanks to the British Kennel Club. The breed originated in England from the Trumpington terrier branch, and was quickly mixed with Glen of Imaal genes. They were occasionally called Jones terriers, after the name of the man who helped develop the bread and spread it in the USA, where Norwich terriers were used alongside foxhounds to hunt.

Character and Temperament

An affectionate dog, the Norwich Terrier can get along splendidly with pets and other children in large households. He’s quick to signal intruders and he has very good reflexes. He takes great joy in spending time with the family, especially in the open air. As they are small and lovable, they tend to be mollycoddled, which can only lead to behavioural problems. He’s extremely playful, but likes to play in groups rather than alone.
Norwich Terriers thrive when they are socialised at a very early age, and a puppy nursery is a great idea for anyone interested in offering the dogs an environment that can help them develop into well-rounded individuals. What the...

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